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About the CCA And Its Mission Statement

The Connecticut Car wash Association (CCA) is a member-driven association. It exists solely to serve members' needs, protect members' best interests, and to be responsive to members' requests. The list of tangible CCA membership benefits is long (and growing), but the list of intangible benefits is even longer.

How can you put a price tag on the camaraderie you enjoy with your industry peers? How can you place a value on having the ability to make connections on a regular basis with other car wash operators who can help you through tough times? What price would you be willing to pay to have the chance to learn from our industry's most successful operators? Stay active in your local industry trade association.

The Connecticut Car wash Association has approximately 100 members comprised of
  • Full-service and exterior car wash operators
  • Self-service and in-bay automatic car wash operators
  • Suppliers (vendors, manufacturers, distributors)

The CCA's strength comes from the exchange of ideas and information of its members. The board is comprised of representatives of all segments of the membership offering a variety of views that encourage activities and programs benefiting all members. Directors, elected by the membership, serve on a volunteer basis. The board of directors meets regularly, usually the first Wednesday of each month. Anyone interested in serving on the board of directors, or on any committee, can contact the associations executive director or any board member.


  • Annual Mini Expo (March)
  • Annual General Membership Meeting (June)
  • Annual Golf Invitational (September or October)
  • Annual Holiday Gathering (December)
  • Annual participation in the NRCC (Fall)

The CCA has the following committees on a standing basis.

  • Membership Committee
  • Legislative & Environmental Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Annual Membership Meeting Committee
  • Regular Membership Meeting Committee and/or Mini Expo Committee
  • Northeast Regional Car wash Convention Committee
  • Board of Directors Nominating Committee
  • Financial and Annual Budget Committee
  • Scholarship Committee

The purpose of the CCA shall be to:

  • Advance and safeguard the business interests of the CCA membership and vehicle wash industry
  • Encourage positive relationships among the CCA membership
  • Assist in the improvement and development of the CCA members?
  • Explore cost-saving opportunities through collective purchasing of the CCA membership
  • Advance the image and promote the benefits of the vehicle wash industry to the motoring public
  • Participate in the activities of the Northeast Regional Car wash Group and its Annual Convention
  • Participate in the activities of the International Car wash Association

Membership is open to an individual or corporation who either owns, operates or provides goods or services to a vehicle wash establishment.

2014 CCA Board of Directors

2014 CCA Board of Directors

Meet the group of industry professionals who have dedicated themselves to the furtherment of the Carwash Industry.

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