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CCA Launches Electricity Program

The Connecticut Car Wash Association Electricity Program

The Connecticut Carwash Association can help you lower your electricity generation prices.  

We believe that the time is right to investigate your electricity options.  Natural Gas prices are at an all time low.  Since most of the electricity plants in our region are natural gas fired, lower natural gas prices have a direct correlation on electricity pricing.  We will offer our members the opportunity to take advantage of the drop in natural gas by fixing their electricity prices. 

What kind of pricing are we talking about?
Market prices per kWh are currently in the following general areas:

  • CL&P Published Price for Rate 30 & 35 through June 2007: 11.95 Cents/kWh

Our Current Offer through December 2007: 11.4 cents/kWh

  • United Illuminating Rate through June 2007:
    • Small C&I Rate GS: 12.63 cents/kWh
    • Small C&I Rate GST: 12.84 cents/kWh
    • Large C&I Rate LPT: 12.87 cents/kWh

Our Current offer March 2007 through December 2007 is approximately 11.9 cents/kWh

An operation using 20,000 kWh / month is estimated to save approximately $1,200.00 through December 2007

Note: Since the summer months are typically more expensive because of demand,  we anticipate the rates to be higher than the 11.95 for the second half of 2007.

Power Management has built a reputation and a substantial track record in assisting businesses throughout the state to reduce their energy costs.  Their team of energy professionals will customize energy supply contracts for your electricity service to suit your specific needs.   

Save Today, contact:

Terry Warburton
Account Representative
Power Management Company
225 Water Street, Suite A140
Plymouth, MA 02360
Tel.: (856) 278-5670
Fax: (508) 830-3879


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